Pegah Jalili’s insight into biomarker discovery (MilliporeSigma)

Dan Sikkema AnnouncementPegah Jalili, Principal Scientist at MilliporeSigma, gives insight into her work developing products and procedures to aid in biomarker discovery and pharmacokinetic studies using LCMS.

Pegah goes into detail of the full length stable isotope labeled standards developed and used in the lab including thryroglobulin, Infliximab, and Adalimumab. Pegah commented: “Ideal internal standards that can be spiked into the sample in the early stage of sample preparation is necessary for accurate LC–MS based pharmacokinetic study and biomarker discovery. Full-length stable isotope labeled internal standards along with multiplexing capability of LC–MS/MS allow significant improvements in throughput, sensitivity, accuracy, and reproducibility.”