The facts, frustrations and future hopes for immuno-oncology: a podcast with Dr Dominic Warrino (KCAS)

As part of our focus, In the Zone: immuno-oncology, we present this podcast where we talk to Dr Dominic Warrino (Senior Scientific Advisor, KCAS). Dominic introduces what immuno-oncology is, how it fits into the bioanalytical field and the technologies involved. He discusses how the body’s own immune system can fight cancer, the advantages and challenges of the techniques used and KCAS plans for the future regarding the immuno-oncology field.

Dominic WarrinoDr Dominic Warrino is the Senior Scientific Advisor at KCAS for large molecules. Dr Warrino joined the company in 2013, and brought with him expertise in a full range of bioanalytical techniques including ECL, ELISA, RIA, Flow cytometery, ELISpot, cell based assays and Luminex. Dominic has over 20 years of experience developing and validating immunological assays for biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies. He most recently spent the past several years in the Biopharma Services department at Viracor-IBT (formally IBT). Dominic has worked for two immune-oncology Biotech companies Cytogen (formally Cellcor) and Eligix developing ex vivo autologous therapies for treatment of various cancers. Dr Warrino has also supported various immune-oncology programs in the CRO setting. He has worked on over 100 large molecule compounds developing and validating PK, PD, ADA, and Biomarker assays in support of preclinical to phase IV testing.


1How does immuno-oncology fit into the bioanalytical field? [Time – 01:20]
2Describe how KCAS are involved in immuno-oncology and the technologies that you use? [Time – 03:05]
3What are the advantages and challenges you face with these techniques? How does your group’s recent work address these problems? [Time – 04:41]
4How can these techniques be regulated and standardized? [Time – 08:05]
5What are KCAS plans for the next few years for the immuno-oncology field? [Time – 09:40]
6What do you think the future holds for immuno-oncology? [Time – 10:52]


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