Easily transition to biologics bioanalysis: quantifying ADCs with confidence




Antibody–drug conjugates (ADCs) are generally complex heterogeneous mixtures of multiple species and present unique bioanalytical challenges. The growing number of ADCs across the industry suggests the need for alignment of the bioanalytical methods for successful analysis of multiple species resulting in consistent interpretation of the bioanalytical data. LC–MS technology serves an ideal platform, and this webinar will feature use of TripleTOF Systems and SWATH technology in quantification of multiple species formed by ADCs. Considerations of the bioanalytical strategies for ADCs that take into account the complexity and heterogeneity of ADCs are discussed.

What will you learn?

  • Strategies involved in using LC–MS for quantification of ADCs
  • Benefits of SWATH technology for bioanalysis of biologics
  • Choosing the right technology and platform for quantification

Who may this interest?

  • Scientists involved in bioanalysis of ADCs, proteins and peptides
  • Group leaders and laboratory managers of pharma and biopharma organizations
  • Directors and Senior Directors of pharma and biopharma organizations


Loren-Olson-mini-webinar-speaker-image-reg-pageLoren Olson
Senior Scientist, Advanced Workflows, Western USA

Loren Olson has been a Senior Application Scientist and Global Technical Marketing Manager at SCIEX for over ten years. Recently his focus at SCIEX transitioned over to technical business development being the Advanced Workflows Scientist for the Western USA. Prior to joining SCIEX, Loren started his career at Gilead Sciences in Foster City (CA, USA), where he utilized SCIEX mass spectrometers for early in vitro drug metabolism and quantitation. His current interests are in the area of pharmaceutical biologics discovery and development as well as metabolomics and biomarker discovery/profiling.

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