Panel discussion on antibody–drug conjugates

Antibody–drug conjugates (ADCs) are dynamic, heterogeneous mixtures typically consisting of a cytotoxic drug covalently bound to a monoclonal antibody via a synthetic linker. ADCs are of great interest as they have the potential to allow targeted delivery of anticancer drugs to tumors, with minimal impact on normal tissue. The bioanalysis of ADCs is challenging due to their heterogeneity and dynamic nature.

During this panel discussion our experts will take an in-depth look at the bioanalysis of ADCs and the associated challenges. Our experts will also be analyzing key results from our ADC survey and will be taking questions from the audience.

What will you learn?

  • Expert opinion on key problems faced in ADC bioanalysis
  • An expert’s view on what the results of the ADC survey indicate for the field
  • How to improve your ADC bioanalytical assays
  • Future prospects for ADC bioanalysis

Who may this interest?

  • Bioanalytical scientists working with ADCs
  • Scientists with an interest in biotherapeutics


Milla-Neffling-speaker-image-reg-pageMilla Neffling
Support Specialist, Global Biopharma Applications


John-Gebler-speaker-image-reg-pageJohn C Gebler
Director of Biopharmaceutical Business Development
Waters Corporation


Fabio-Garofolo-Speaker-Image-Reg-PageFabio Garofolo, PhD
Head of Research
Angelini Pharma


Boris Gorovits PfizerBoris Gorovits

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