Transforming sample preparation




In small-molecule analyses, complex sample matrices, price pressures and stringent analytical method requirements place difficult demands on separation scientists. Using ‘good enough’ sample preparation approaches that fail to adequately prepare samples can lead to shortened column lifetimes and poor method sensitivity and precision due to ion suppression or enhancement. To overcome these issues, Waters has developed a new, easy-to-use, streamlined approach that is based on a water-wettable, reversed-phase sorbent. This new and exciting product produces high recoveries, improved sample flow and reduced matrix effects in far less time than typical solid-phase extraction protocols.

What will you learn?

  • How to shorten SPE protocols without sacrificing cleanliness or recoveries
  • How to speed up SPE processing and avoid sample re-analysis
  • How to simplify current sample preparation approaches in your lab to save both time and money

Who may this interest?

This webinar will benefit researchers routinely working with the following matrices: plasma/serum; urine; whole blood; and food.


Xin Zhang-Waters-Speaker-console-reg-pageDr Xin Zhang
Senior Research Chemist
Waters Corporation

Dr Xin Zhang is currently a senior research chemist at Waters Corporation. She received her PhD degree in analytical chemistry from University at Buffalo, The State University of New York in 2007. At Waters Corporation, she has worked in Consumables R&D and the Technology Advancement Department. She has been focused on evaluating different sample preparation techniques, such as solid phase extraction (SPE), protein precipitation and solid supported liquid extraction, in addition to the Ostro Pass-through sample prepare technique. Recently, she has been working on simplified SPE procedures for the Oasis family. Xin also helps customers understand sample preparation by delivering educational seminars and troubleshooting.

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