Fast and convenient generic LBA for the detection of ADA in monkey plasma using Gyrolab® platform


In this webinar, we will report a generic LBA for ADA detection in monkey studies during early phases of drug development. Firstly, we will show the advantages of our generic four-step method on Gyrolab platform and its performance against ADA-specific methods. Then, we will present an approach to prepare a generic positive control and the cut-point strategy applied. Lastly, we will demonstrate how this LBA format is transposable for use in other species, such as mice.

What will you learn?

  • The requirements and challenges of anti-drug ADA assays used in preclinical and clinical studies
  • Approaches and advantages to implementing ADA immunoassays on the Gyrolab microfluidic platform
  • Performance of a generic ADA method using Gyrolab against ADA specific method

Who may this interest?

  • Scientists involved in the development of ADA assays
  • Bioanalytical group leaders in pharma, biotech and CROs
  • Scientists using immunoassays for preclinical and clinical development of biologic therapies


Romain Gauchet
Romain Gauchet
Senior Technician Pharmacokinetics
Servier Laboratories (Orléans, France)

Romain Gauchet is Senior Technician Pharmacokinetics at Servier Laboratories. Gauchet has more than 10 years of experience in human and animal clinical pathology. He developed and applied LBAs for PK, ADA and biomarkers sample analyses within Servier’s clinical pathology and DMPK departments.

Franck Levasseur
Franck Levasseur
Team Leader Pharmacokinetics
Servier Laboratories (Orléans, France)

Franck Levasseur is Team Leader Pharmacokinetics at Servier Laboratories. He has more than 10 years of experience in large molecule bioanalytical assay development, validation and sample analysis, supporting clinical and non-clinical studies.

In the DMPK department at Servier, Levasseur leads the immunoanalysis platform dedicated to the development and qualification of LBAs, providing PK, ADA support for projects across the biotherapeutic portfolio.

John Chappell, BSc CChem CSci FRSC
John Chappell, BSc CChem CSci FRSC
Application & Service Director EMEA and Asia Pacific
Gyros Protein Technologies (Uppsala, Sweden)

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