High-throughput strategies for ADME bioanalysis

Zone-page-logo-sciexHigh-throughput in vitro ADME profiling plays an important role in assessing and mitigating PK liability early in the drug discovery process. In this presentation we will focus on various throughput-enhancing strategies in the LC-MS/MS bioanalysis of both small molecule and peptide NMEs to enable timely and high-quality bioanalytical support for discovery ADME studies.

What you will learn?

  • Automated MS/MS method development
  • High-speed, multiplexed LC-MS/MS for sample analysis
  • Direct online SPE-MS/MS and direction ionization-MS/MS methods
  • Software tools for data review and workflow management
  • Sample reduction strategies

Who may this interest?

  • Discovery bioanalytical scientists
  • DMPK/ADME scientists and managers
  • LC-MS/MS hardware and software developers





Wilson Shou
Principal Scientist
Bristol-Myers Squibb Company

Wilson Shou is Principal Scientist, Discovery Chemistry Platforms at Bristol-Myers Squibb’s R&D site in Wallingford, CT, where he leads a bioanalytical group providing support for the enterprise-wide high-throughput in vitro ADME profiling effort. Dr Shou’s research interests involve the application of mass spectrometry, separation sciences and software/automation tools for the high-throughput bioanalysis of small molecules and peptides in support of lead discovery and optimization. He has authored/coauthored 40 journal articles, four book chapters, and more than 70 podium or poster presentations. He was the guest editor for a special issue of Bioanalysis focusing on discovery bioanalysis in 2012, and also coedited an ebook entitled “Eliminating bottlenecks for efficient bioanalysis: practices and applications in drug discovery and development” in 2014.

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