The changing landscape of large molecule bioanalysis by LC-MS/MS and the use of new tools to improve sensitivity

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Historically, immunoassays have been the technique of choice to analyze biologics. However, the most sensitive immunoassays may demonstrate poor selectivity as antibodies may lack adequate specificity. As a result, LC-MS/MS is rapidly becoming a fundamental analytical tool for the bioanalytical measurement and characterization of some biologics.

Even though analysis of intact peptides is possible due to multiple charging and the extended mass range of modern high-resolution mass spectrometers, obstacles impede each step of the method development process from sample extraction to detection. inVentiv’s experience in the development of LC-MS/MS bioanalytical methods for biologics confirms and highlights the use of new tools to improve sensitivity at both the sample preparation and detection level.

What you will learn?

  • When is protein mass spectrometry the best choice and most relevant approach?
  • Understanding the obstacles that impede the analysis of biologics and the implementation of rigorous procedures to ensure efficient workflow
  • The use of new tools and techniques to increase the success rate in developing rugged LC-MS/MS methods for protein and peptides
  • Case study: the use of immunoaffinity as a tool to improve LC-MS/MS sensitivity of proteins and peptides
  • The flexibility and combined efforts at inVentiv Health between our ligand-binding and mass spectrometry experts ensures the development of the best method possible for any given large molecule

Who may this interest?

  • Bioanalytical Scientists and Laboratory Directors
  • Laboratory Managers, Groups Leaders, and Senior Scientists
  • Senior-level Executives working within drug research and development
  • Outsourcing Directors and Project Managers


Luc Bouchard, MSc
Research Scientist, Bioanalytical Research and Development,
inVentiv Health

As a Research Scientist in the Bioanalytical Division of inVentiv Health, Luc coordinates and carries out a full spectrum of activities related to the development and validation of bioanalytical methods according to client requests, current regulations and within the required timeframes. Luc received his Master’s Degree in chemistry, specializing in organic chemistry, from Sherbrooke University in 2001 and has over nine years of experience in Pharmaceutical and Fine Chemicals Process Research and Development. After two years as a manager in an environmental laboratory, he joined the inVentiv Bioanalytical R&D team.

Chris Beaver, PhD

Director, Ligand Binding and Exploratory Bioanalysis,
inVentiv Health

Prior to joining inVentiv Health as Director of the Ligand Binding Services and Exploratory Bioanalysis in 2010, Chris served as Scientific Director of the Ligand Binding/Cell-Based Assays at MDS Pharma Services’ North American macromolecule bioanalytical operations. He has been responsible for supervising the development and validation of all bioanalytical methods for the measurement of pharmaceuticals and biomarkers, immunogenicity testing and cell-based neutralizing antibody assays. He previously held the position of Associate Director of Ligand Binding Services/Cell-Based Assays overseeing the Montreal, Quebec operations. Before joining MDS Pharma Services in 2004 as a Team Leader in the Ligand Binding Department, Chris served as an investigator at Cogent Neuroscience, a start-up biotech company in North Carolina’s Research Triangle Park. Chris obtained his PhD in Neuroscience at Dalhousie University in Canada in 1995. From 1996 to 2001, he performed his postdoctoral studies at Yale University, focusing on the role of cyclic nucleotides in neuronal development, publishing papers in several journals including Nature Neuroscience.


Thomas D. Oglesby, PhD

Senior Research Investigator
inVentiv Health

Tom’s responsibilities as Senior Research Investigator include scientific oversight for new method development projects, implementation of new technologies and development of forefront markets. In 1992, Tom cofounded the laboratories of Taylor Technology, the predecessor lab of inVentiv Health. He served as VP of Science and Technology as well as managing an exploratory non-GLP Discovery lab.

Prior to joining Taylor Technology he was a product specialist for Triple Stage Quadrapole Mass Spectometers at Finnigan.  His early career was in the Pharmaceutical Industry, working for five years at Ciba Geigy. Tom earned his PhD in Biochemistry at the University of South Carolina and did a two year post doc in the laboratories of John Pike at Upjohn.

Question & Answer Panel

  •  Luc Bouchard – inVentiv Health
  •  Chris Beaver – inVentiv Health
  •  Thomas D Oglesby – inVentiv Health

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