Panel discussion: what does the future hold for biomarker R&D?

Biomarkers are particularly important in the pharmaceutical industry to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of a drug. Biomarkers could benefit the cost reduction of drug development by enabling early proof-of-concept studies for novel therapeutic targets, thus reducing costly drug attrition rates.

However, challenges still remain in validating biomarkers for different areas of study utilizing many different technologies and there are many opinions and ideas for how biomarker validation may develop and evolve in the future.

In this panel discussion, we hear from key experts in the field about their research and expertise, how they overcome key challenges associated with the technologies they work with and what they envision for the future of biomarker research and validation. There is also an opportunity for you to submit your own questions to be answered in the live Q&A via the registration page.

What will you learn?

  • Overcoming key challenges in biomarker research
  • Different approaches to biomarker validation
  • Future developments in biomarker research and development



Anitaben Tailor
SMC™ Technology and Application Advancement Lead


Anitaben Tailor joined MilliporeSigma (MA, USA) in July 2015, and in 2016 was appointed the role of SMC™ Technology and Application Advancement Lead. She is responsible for developing novel applications utilizing SMC™ Technology for diverse research areas. Prior to joining MilliporeSigma, Anitaben was a Field Application Scientist for Singulex (CA, USA) for 5 years, where she provided scientific support to pharma and CROs for SMC™ Technology.


Dominic Warrino Ph.D
Senior Scientific Advisor


Dominic Warrino is the Senior Scientific Advisor at KCAS (KS, USA). Dominic joined the company in 2013 and brought with him expertise in a full range of bioanalytical techniques including ECL, ELISA, RIA, flow cytometry, ELISpot, cell based assays and Luminex. He also serves in business development as technical consultant. Dominic has 20 years of experience developing and validating immunological assays for biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies. He most recently spent the past several years in the Biopharma Services department at Viracor-IBT (MO, USA) (formally IBT).


Hanna Ritzén
Managing Director Research and Development
Mercodia AB


Hanna Ritzén is currently Managing Director of Research and Development at Mercodia AB (Uppsala, Sweden), a Swedish biotech company that specializes in the development and production of ELISA assays as well as bioanalytical services. Hanna is responsible for the development of commercial IVD and RuO ELISA kits as well as the method development, validation and sample analysis in bioanalytical services. Hanna started with Mercodia in 2002 as Product Development Scientist and has been involved in the CAPA process and life cycle management of ELISAs as well as the standardization and harmonization of methods.


Ginger Milne
Research Associate Professor of Medicine and Pharmacology
Director, Eicosanoid and Neurochemistry Labs
Vanderbilt University


Dr. Milne is a chemist working as a Research Associate Professor of Medicine and Pharmacology in the Medical Center at Vanderbilt University. Based within the School of Medicine, she has directed the Eicosanoid Core Laboratory for almost 14 years where she collaborates with, and oversees the provision of analytical services to, researchers both within Vanderbilt University and across the globe. Using Waters Corporation equipment, the lab performs 16 validated, highly precise and sensitive mass spectrometry assays, several of which were developed by Milne’s team. Milne and her team are focused on measuring prostaglandin metabolites in urine as biomarkers of cancer.

Tom Angel
Senior Scientific Investigator – Exploratory Biomarker Group


Tom is a biochemist with a keen interest in the application of high resolution mass spectrometry to address a wide range of unmet needs and longstanding challenges in biological sciences. Tom has more than 15 years of experience in biomedical research, expertise in mass spectrometry-based protein analysis and proteomics. In his current position as Senior Scientific Adviser at GSK (Brentford, UK), Tom is charged with advancing the application of stable isotope metabolic labeling supporting portfolio development by delivering protein turnover assays (kinetic biomarker assays) for bespoke targets.


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