Are pharma and CROs really on the same page with regard to outsourcing?

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Over the last few years, the CRO–pharma relationship has significantly changed as a direct result of the increase in outsourcing. Over the last few months, we have been focusing on the future trends in outsourcing, getting into the crux of how outsourcing in bioanalysis is evolving within this ever-changing industry.

During this panel discussion, our experts will analyze key results from our survey on the future trends in outsourcing and discuss whether these findings reflect their own experiences. We will touch on why these changes are happening and how best to optimize the interface between CRO and pharma to ensure best practice and scientific progress.

You will also have the opportunity to pose questions for our experts to address in the live Q&A session.

What will you learn?

  • How the future of outsourcing will change in the next 10 years and what implications this will have on CRO and Pharma
  • Whether the needs and expectations of pharma and CROs are aligned
  • How best to optimize the pharma and CRO interface


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Erik Burns
Division Chair, Assistant Dean of Outreach & Professional Development
University of Wisconsin-Madison

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Bruce Stouffer
Executive Director Immunochemistry

In April 2016, Bruce joined PPD in Richmond, VA as Executive Director of Immunochemistry, head of laboratory operations there. In his capacity at PPD, Bruce is responsible for multiple client relationships and over 200 staff supporting biologics analysis by immunoassay to support PK, regulated biomarkers and immunogenicity.

Randall guthrie 80x95



Randall Guthrie
Vice President
Pyxant Labs Inc.

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