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Advion collaborates with Agilent Technologies to optimize its expression compact mass spectrometer


Advion’s expression compact mass spectrometer is now compatible with Agilent’s UHPLC technology.

Advion (NY, USA) has revealed that its expression compact mass spectrometer (CMS) is now fully integrated with Agilent Technologies’ entire range of HPLC and UHPLC systems.

Advion specializes in the development of bespoke, fit for purpose mass spectrometers, nanoelectrospray ionization sources and flow chemistry synthesis systems. Integration of Advion’s expression CMS with Agilent’s Instrument Control Framework, will enable a more streamlined and efficient approach to LC–MS.  The optimized CMS will also give users the ability to control over 70 Agilent UHPLC modules from a single software platform, using a single PC; made possible by Advion’s Mass Express® software.

David Patteson, President and Chief Executive Officer of Advion, commented that the compatibility of the expression CMS with Agilent’s UHPLC technology is the “next logical step in our on-going development, and makes it even easier for users to integrate with their existing lab assets, while further optimizing their workflow.”

Source: Advion announces full integration of Agilent Technologies liquid chromatography systems with the expression CMS.



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