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Thermo Scientific SOLA – New WCX and WAX Phases for Bioanalysis


New SOLA SPE phases providing greater sample preparation efficiencies in your bioanalytical workflow

The revolutionary SOLA SPE product range is now available in 2 new phase options. The mixed mode weak cation (WCX) and mixed mode weak anion (WAX) phases complement existing selectivity options by providing solutions to an even wider range of application areas. SOLA’s unique design allows for unparalleled performance characteristics and provides increased confidence in results when first time success within the bioanalytical and clinical research workflow is critical.

  • Low elution volumes
  • Higher reproducibility
  • High extract cleanliness

Sources: LC-MS/MS analysis of Edrophonium, Neostigmine, and Pyridostigmine in plasma using HILIC chromatography and weak cation-exchange SPE; Mixed-mode, weak anion-exchange, solid-phase extraction method for the extraction of Niflumic acid from human plasma.


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