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Bioinformatics company to support biomarker research of biopharmaceutical group


One-year collaboration agreement made between Debiopharm Group™ and Quartz Bio.

In a recent press release, DebioPharm Group has announced the signing of a one-year collaboration agreement with Quartz Bio. The collaboration aims to pool both companies’ expertise, to allow the development of novel biomarkers for use in personalized medicine development.

Debiopharm are a group of global biopharmaceutical companies. Based in Switzerland, they focus on developing pharmaceuticals targeting unmet medical needs. Quartz Bio is a clinical bioinformatics research organization – with a focus on biomarkers. The collaboration will allow Quartz Bio to enlist their expertise in bioinformatics, to support DebioPharm biomarker projects.

CEO of Quartz Bio, Jerome Wojcik, commented on the agreement: “We are delighted to collaborate with Debiopharm. Debiopharm’s pioneering biomarker projects are a unique opportunity for Quartz Bio to contribute to the implementation of Precision Medicine, thus demonstrating that bioinformatics science can bring substantial benefits to patients.”

Director of Personalized Medicine at Debiopharm, Hiroaki Tanaka, explained that the group is looking forward to collaborating Quartz Bio, continuing that: “Their longstanding clinical bioinformatics experience made them an ideal partner to support our biomarker projects in our clinical trials and extract from data the relevant information required for personalized therapy development.”

Source: Quartz Bio SA supports Debiopharm Group™ precision medicine bioinformatics.



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