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Application note: An Improved SPE-LC-MS/MS Method for the Quantification of Bradykinin in Human Plasma Using the ionKey/MS System (Waters)


Waters-logo-149x116Accurate quantification of bradykinin in plasma is particularly challenging because it is present in low pg/mL levels, is rapidly metabolized, and is also artificially produced during blood sampling and sample preparation via proteolytic processes.

In this work, ionKey/MS Systems, which integrates the UPLC analytical separation directly into the source of the MS, is used for the accurate, precise, and reproducible analysis of bradykinin. Use of the ionKey/MS System, mixed-mode SPE and higher m/z b or y ion MS fragments provides the level of selectivity and sensitivity necessary to accurately quantify bradykinin and distinguish subtle differences in concentrations.This method shows great promise for high sensitivity quantification of bradykinin in patient samples from PK and clinical studies using the ionKey/MS System if further validation was performed.

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