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Quantitative determination of free/bound atazanavir via high-throughput equilibrium dialysis and LC-MS/MS, and the application in ex vivo samples


Aim: The determination of drug–protein binding is important in the pharmaceutical development process because of the impact of protein binding on both the pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of drugs. Equilibrium dialysis is the preferred method to measure the free drug fraction because it is considered to be more accurate. The throughput of equilibrium dialysis has recently been improved by implementing a 96-well format plate. Results/methodology: This manuscript illustrates the successful application of a 96-well rapid equilibrium dialysis (RED) device in the determination of atazanavir plasma–protein binding. Discussion/conclusion: This RED method of measuring free fraction was successfully validated and then applied to the analysis of clinical plasma samples taken from HIV-infected pregnant women administered atazanavir. Combined with LC-MS/MS detection, the 96-well format equilibrium dialysis device was suitable for measuring the free and bound concentration of pharmaceutical molecules in a high-throughput mode.

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