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Simple and rapid determination of unsaturated fatty acids in 1 µl of rat plasma by LC-MS/MS


Background: Deficiency or imbalance of unsaturated fatty acids will promote the pathogenesis of many diseases. In order to monitor the exposure of unsaturated fatty acids, the method based on LC–MS/MS was developed. Results: Standard calibration curves for α-linolenic acid, linoleic acid, palmitoleic acid and oleic acid were linear (r ≥0.99). The intra-and interbatch accuracy (RE%) ranged from -4.5 to 8.6%, while the intra- and interbatch precisions (RSD%) were ≤8.7%. The extraction recovery varied from 85.4 to 99.6%, and no obvious matrix effect was observed. Conclusion: The method offers a simple approach for measuring 4 unsaturated fatty acids in 1 μl rat plasma within 3.95 min.

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