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Press release: SCIEX launches new M3 MicroLC System


Framingham, MA — SCIEX, a global leader in life science analytical technologies, today introduced the M3 MicroLC System, a new fully-integrated micro-scale LC system designed for biopharmaceutical applications such as antibody drug development, where sample size is limited. The M3 MicroLC System improves the sensitivity of LC-MS workflows, enabling researchers to reach lower limits of quantitation in their bioanalysis lab, without sacrificing throughput. With the M3 MicroLC System, customers will now be able to run up to 200 samples per day, on a continuous basis.

The M3 MicroLC System is designed for scientists who are struggling to analyze small volume samples with conventional LC-MS and need to lower their limits of quantitation while maintaining throughput and robustness. The M3 MicroLC platform offers the option of a new microflow trap-and-elute capability that allows labs to analyze analytical-scale sample volumes on a micro-scale LC-MS.

“Micro-scale LC-MS has traditionally increased sensitivity and reduced sample consumption for our customers, but with it came tradeoffs in flexibility and throughput,” said John Plohetski, Global Vice President, Separations at SCIEX. “With its micro-scale efficiency and trap-elute capability, our new M3 MicroLC system enables researchers to significantly lower the level of quantitation and still have the advantage of both sensitivity and throughput, leading to consistently accurate results.”

Smartly designed, the benchtop system can sit side-by-side or stacked on top of the Mass Spec for optimal use of available laboratory space. The SCIEX M3 MicroLC System has been developed for the sensitivity, ease of use, and throughput needs of biopharmaceutical development and delivers:

  • Micro flow LC improves LLOQs up to 10x
  • High throughput while increasing sensitivity
  • Up to 90% solvent savings leading to a lower cost of analysis
  • State-of-the-art control via SCIEX Analyst Software that support 21 CFR Part 11 compliance

Learn more about the M3 MicroLC System.

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Public Relations and Brand Manager, Global Marketing

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