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We are pleased to present the ‘Year in Bioanalysis‘ – a special supplement of the journal Bioanalysis, which includes a selection of 10 of the most accessed articles from 2015.

The Year in Bioanalysis is a dynamic new supplement bringing key bioanalysis content to life. The supplement is FREE to access thanks to the kind support of our sponsors!

The Year in Bioanalysis allows you to:

  • Stay informed with key articles on hot topics including microsampling, method validation for LC-MS/MS assays of therapeutic proteins, ADC analysis and immunogenicity assessment.
  • Discover opinion leaders stance on a range of key issues via our ask the experts feature and interviews, exclusive to the Year in Bioanalysis.
  • FREE to access, thanks to the kind support of our sponsors

We hope that you will enjoy reading our ‘Year in Bioanalysis’ and that it will help you have a great start to 2016.

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