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Microsampling 2 Years On


2 years ago on the Zone we covered a Spotlight on microsampling in Microsampling: the road ahead. The road ahead since then has been filled with a number of innovative and exciting developments. In our upcoming supplement on microsampling we will be exploring some of these progresses in more detail.

Thank you to all of you who took part in our recent short survey on the state of microsampling. The results revealed some interesting findings and we cannot wait to share this information with you in our forthcoming survey infographic.

We’d still love to hear your thoughts on microsampling – feel free to tweet at @BioanalysisZone using the hashtag #BZexploresMicrosampling or email our editor, Ayan Ali, at












































































































This infographic was featured in an interactive supplement on microsampling published on Bioanalysis Zone. Click here to read the complete supplement.


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