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Bioanalysis Zone and Bioanalysis welcome unsolicited submissions to both the journal and website.

This year we have a special interest in content which focuses on:

  • Large molecules by LC–MS
  • Validation of biomarkers
  • Biotransformations
  • Immunogenicity
  • Alternative matrices

If you are interested in publishing your research in the journal Bioanalysis contact Sankeetha Nadarajah to discuss the suitability of your research or view the journals aims and scope for more information.

On Bioanalysis Zone, we produce a range of articles, conference reports and expert opinion pieces. If you have insights to share, research to discuss or are attending a bioanalytical conference or event and are interested in writing a report, contact Naamah Maundrell.

Further details of our plans for the year can be found below.

Something missing? Contact us to suggest a subject for coverage.



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