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Highlights from 5th China Bioanalysis Forum Annual Conference


Kelly Dong 1, Daniel Tang 2
1 GlaxoSmithKline China R&D center (China),2 Phanes Therapeutics (CA, USA)

The 5th China Bioanalysis Forum (CBF) Annual conference was held in Beijing Century Lotus Hotel (China) during 16–18 June 2017. The conference was co-sponsored by Sino-American Pharmaceutical Professional Association (SAPA; NJ, USA) and was organized in collaboration with Nanjing International DMPK symposium (China). The joint conference was attended by approximately 475 participants from universities, academic research institutes and hospitals, pharmaceutical and biotech companies and contact research organizations. The 1-day pre-conference workshop provided comprehensive training on regulatory requirements on GCP/GLP bioanalysis of new chemical entities, bioanalysis of biomolecules and biomarkers. The pre-conference workshop was actively participated by more than 220 scientists.

Professor Haifeng Song from The Academy of Military Medical Sciences (China) provided a keynote speech on ‘The challenges and mission of bioanalysis in development of cancer immunotherapy’. Dr Eric Yang from GlaxoSmithKline (PA, USA) delivered a keynote presentation on ‘Modernize bioanalytical science to support experimental medicine studies in drug development’ and Dr Wenqi Xu from Takeda (UK) presented on ‘Working together for our common goals’. The main CBF conference also featured six symposium sessions with the focuses on (1) new technology and the application in biomolecule analysis; (2) bioanalysis for antibody-drug conjugates; (3) immunogenicity evaluation; (4) strategy and challenges in biomarker analysis; and two more local specific topics: (5) bioequivalent studies in China and (6) analytical challenges in Traditional Chinese Medicine. More than 18 scientific experts shared their experience and learning using bioanalytical tools supporting drug discovery and development.

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Following the tradition from previous annual conferences, an expert panel discussion was organized. The main focus for the panel discussion was on practical implementation of FDA and CFDA guideline in bioanalysis. This interactive session drew vast attention where experts and audiences shared their experience and practical solutions for various challenges we were facing in China. Scientific experts also appreciated the advancement in local regulatory landscape and recognized the significant improvement in data quality from local bioanalytical laboratories.

CBF has been actively encouraging young scientists to share their scientific achievements. The conference organized a separate young scientist forum where each of the 10 young scientists, from different organizations, gave a 20-minute brief introduction of their research interest and achievement. Six selected presenters were awarded for their innovative work and contribution to scientific advancement. The forum was followed by an intensive discussion session focusing on their challenges and questions encountered in bioanalysis. The Q&A session was supported by several key scientific opinion leaders in the field.

This conference also had a parallel poster presentation session and around 40 posters were displayed during the conference. The topics of poster presentations varied from drug metabolism studies to biomolecule immunogenicity assessments. The authors from six nominated posters were recognized by poster presentation awards during the closing ceremony.


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