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On-line monitoring human breath acetone during exercise and diet by proton transfer reaction mass spectrometry


Obesity is one of the main causes to chronic diseases [1–3], such as cardiovascular disease [4], cerebrovascular disease [5] and diabetes [6] – among others. So, the obesity has become one of the main medical problems [7]. The portion of obese adult rises from 28.8 to 36.9% in men, and from 29.8 to 38.0% in women between 1980 and 2013 worldwide [8]. This rise of obesity calls for scientific ways of weight reduction. At present, exercise and diet are two commonly chosen ways [9]. However, there is obvious irrationality in the scheme design of exercise and diet due to individual differences. In other words, same scheme may cause different consumption of fat for different people. So, researchers are trying to design a scientific scheme that varying from man to man. And the key point is developing a method to monitor the fat loss individually.

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