A simple isotope-labeled UHPLC–MS/MS assay for simultaneous quantification of methotrexate, imatinib and dasatinib

Zhang Y, Liu Y, Tan L | Bioanalysis, 13(19), 1501–1510 (2021) Keywords: dasatinib • imatinib • methotrexate • therapeutic drug monitoring • UHPLC–MS/MS Aim: To assist therapeutic dose adjustment in clinic, a reliable concentration measurement is quite necessary for therapeutic drug monitoring. Results: A UHPLC–MS/MS bioassay for simultaneous determination of methotrexate, imatinib and dasatinib using isotope dilution internal standardization has been established and fully validated as per China Food and Drug Administration guideline. After a simple protein precipitation, the analytes were separated by a gradient elution within 3 min and mass detection was performed via ESI+ mode with SRM. The calibration curves were in the range of...

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