Application Note: Improving a High Sensitivity Assay for the Quantification of Teriparatide in Human Plasma Using the ionKey/MS System (Waters)

Abstract / Summaryomes

This study combines μElution SPE and the novel and highly efficient ionKey/MS system to improve a quantitative assay for teriparatide in human plasma.

The combination of ionKey/MS, μElution reversed-phase SPE, and higher m/z b or y ion MS fragments provided the level of selectivity and sensitivity necessary to accurately quantify low pg/mL concentrations of teriparatide in extracted plasma. Use of the μElution format SPE plate eliminated the need for evaporation, reducing teriparatide losses due to adsorption and non-specific binding.

In addition, ionKey/MS also reduces solvent and sample consumption, thereby reducing cost and allowing for multiple injections of samples for improved accuracy or to meet the guidelines for ISR. This method shows great promise for high sensitivity quantification of teriparatide in patient samples from PK and clinical studies using the ionKey/MS System if further validation was performed.

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