Bioanalysis’ themed issue: Emerging technologies in mass spectrometry

The themed issue on ‘emerging technologies in mass spectrometry’ has now been published online! In this issue of Bioanalysis, authors share several emerging technologies in mass spectrometry that could, in the near future, provide dramatic changes to what is considered conventional bioanalysis.

The issue (Vol. 9, Issue 21), Guest Edited by Larry Campbell (SCIEX, Canada) and Robert Plumb (Waters Corporation, USA), explores how these emerging technologies strive to address important problems facing bioanalytical scientists today in achieving necessary limits of quantitation from the most complex of samples and matrices.

Find out more about Larry Campbell (SCIEX) in this interview: From fundamental ion chemistry to differential mobility spectrometry: An interview with Larry Campbell from SCIEX

Some of the themed articles in this issue include the following:

A free-access Foreword from the Guest Editors on ‘emerging technologies in mass spectrometry’
An free-access Editorial on ‘Acoustic dispensing-mass spectrometry: the next high throughput bioanalytical platform for early drug discovery ‘ by Hui Zhang (Pfizer Inc, USA)
A Methodology on ‘Development of a high-performance, enterprise-level, multimode LC–MS/MS autosampler for drug discovery’ by Brendon Kapinos, JianHua Liu, Mary Piotrowski et al. (Pfizer Inc, USA)