Companies join to advance diabetes treatment

Written by Hannah Coaker, Future Science Group

The partnership plans to develop a new and improved approach to the measurement of glucose levels in diabetes research.

Bioanalytical Systems, Inc. (BASi), a CRO based in West Lafayette (IN, USA), has teamed up with Pinnacle Technology, Inc. (Lawrence, KS, USA) to embark upon proof-of-concept studies that are to combine the Culex® NxT automated blood sampling system of BASi alongside the glucose sensor made by Pinnacle Technology, with the ultimate goal of developing a novel approach to high quality data collection for diabetes and other glucose research.

At present, many studies geared towards the discovery of new diabetes treatment rely on external monitors to measure glucose levels in test subjects. Using this method, the researcher must handle the subject to obtain a blood sample, which can lead to stress, affecting the glucose reading.

Working in collaboration, Pinnacle Technology and BASi intend to address the inherent disadvantage of this traditional approach. Jacqueline Lemke, President and Chief Executive Officer of BASi explains, “Automation of blood sampling made possible by our Culex NxT, and accurate monitoring of glucose levels, using the Pinnacle glucose sensor, avoids net removal of blood from the test subjects. This allows researchers to take many glucose readings with no ill effects on the test subjects, resulting in more accurate glucose readings than are possible with manual sampling.”

According to a press release from BASi, the system will also enable researchers to conduct pharmacokinetic, metabolism, telemetry or microdialysis studies from one set of test subjects, as opposed to using three of four sets, resulting in reduced study costs.

The system was adapted from Pinnacle Technology’s glucose sensor that was initially built to monitor neurological glucose levels. Through integration of BASi’s Culex system and the addition of a built-in sensor interface as part of Culex NxT, placement of the sensor into the bloodstream is enabled, avoiding any stress to the test subjects.

“Many leading diabetes research teams have shown great interest in our glucose monitoring system, and we will work with them to publish the data we are gathering in our proof-of-concept studies,” commented Lemke.

Source: BASi launches innovative glucose monitoring project with Pinnacle Technology.