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New innovation for recombinant antibodies that can help improve bioanalytical assays

Generating custom antibodies for bioanalytical research: an interview with Ulrich Mayer

Take a look inside Bio-Rad’s custom recombinant antibody facility. Learn from our antibody experts how your requirements for specialized anti-biotherapeutic antibodies can become a reality through the use of HuCAL technology.

Watch an interview recorded at the EBF 8th Open Meeting with R&D Manager Christian Frisch, where he explains how we use HuCAL® recombinant antibody technology to make anti-idiotypic antibodies for therapeutic drug monitoring.

Watch an interview with Michael Schwenkert on  Anti-idiotypic antibodies and CAR-T cell therapies

Watch an interview with Michael Schwenkert on best practices for the characterization and quality control of anti-idiotypic antibodies for bioanalysis

Watch an interview recorded at EBF with Michael Schwenkert on how Bio-Rad makes neo-epitope specific antibodies against drug-target complexes, the challenges of bioanalytical assays in relation to antibody reagents, and how Bio-Rad is helping to advance the field of drug discovery and development.

Watch an interview recorded at EBF 2019 with Ulrich Mayer (Technical Sales Specialist), in which Mayer discusses Bio-Rad’s custom recombinant antibody generation capabilities and explains why global biopharmaceutical companies and CROs choose Bio-Rad for the generation of custom antibodies targeting different types of large molecule drugs and CAR-T cell therapies.

Bio-Rad, a global leader in supporting healthcare, provides tools, technologies and expertise for genomic and proteomic products. Choose from instrumentation and reagents for droplet digital PCR, cancer biomarkers, antibodies and much more. Our aim is to enable the success of our customers by providing useful, high-quality products and services that help advance scientific discovery and improve healthcare.


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Bio-Rad is an expert manufacturer and supplier of antibodies for drug discovery, biosimilar and biobetter development, clinical diagnostics and academic research.

For biosimilar developers and CROs providing large molecule bioanalytical services, our ready-made anti-biotherapeutic antibodies are ideally suited for highly specific and sensitive PK and ADA assays and cell-based neutralization assays. Our industry leading range offers antibodies against over 20 marketed monoclonal antibody drugs, including checkpoint inhibitors and blockbuster drugs, such as rituximab, infliximab, adalimumab, trastuzumab and bevacizumab.

For customized antibodies against an original biologic, no other company can rival our unique TrailBlazer Antibody Custom Service that generates highly specific, high affinity antibodies in less than 3 months. We use a synthetic, fully human antibody library coupled with a novel and improved form of phage display technology to select antibodies to the most challenging antigens, such as anti-idiotypic antibodies and antibody-target complexes, with simultaneous subtraction of unwanted specificities. Such antibodies are difficult to develop using traditional animal immunization methods. We have added SpyTag to our recombinant Fab antibodies and produced a set of SpyCatchers to couple to the Fab, to make TrailBlazer Antibodies. The SpyTag-SpyCatcher technology enables site-directed conjugation of antibodies to labels such as HRP and biotin, and the formation of bivalent Fabs and Ig-like constructs with human, mouse, and rabbit isotypes.

Whether you need a ready-made product or a custom antibody generation project, we aim to help you reach your goals by providing the antibodies you need and a professional, long-term partnership for success.

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