Development of an UPLC–MS/MS micromethod for quantitation of cinitapride in plasma and its application in a pharmacokinetic interaction trial

Abstract Aim: Cinitapride (CIN) is a benzamide-derived molecule used for the treatment of gastroesophageal reflux and dyspepsia. Its pharmacokinetics are controversial due to the use of supratherapeutic doses and the lack of sensitive methodology. Therefore, a sensitive and accurate micromethod was developed for its quantitation in human plasma. Results: CIN was extracted from 300 µl of heparinized plasma by liquid–liquid extraction using cisapride as internal standard, and analyzed with an ultra performance liquid chromatograph employing positive multiple-reaction monitoring–MS. Conclusion: The method proved to be rapid, accurate and stable within a range between 50 and 2000 pg/ml and was successfully validated...

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