Improving selectivity and sensitivity of protein quantitation by LC–HR–MS/MS: determination of somatropin in rat plasma

Aim: Protein quantitation by digestion of a biological sample followed by LC–MS analysis of a signature peptide can be a challenge because of the high complexity of the digested matrix. Results/methodology: The use of LC with high-resolution (quadrupole-TOF) MS detection allowed quantitation of the 22-kDa biopharmaceutical somatropin in 60 μl of rat plasma down to 25 ng/ml with minimal further sample treatment. Reducing the mass extraction window to 0.01 Da considerably decreased the interference of tryptic peptides, enhanced sensitivity and improved accuracy and precision. Analysis with LC–MS/MS resulted in a less favorable limit of quantitation of 100 ng/ml. Conclusion: HRMS is an interesting option...

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