Next generation FTIR spectrometer launched

Written by Lucy Cliff (Future Science Group)

Thermo Fisher Scientific (MA, USA) has developed their latest FTIR spectrometer, featuring a new LightDrive Optical technology that aims to enhance the analysis of complex samples and provide scientists with fast and accurate results.

The newest model, Nicolet iS20, consists of an infrared source, interferometer, laser and detector as well as being the only spectrometer on the market with a touch panel. This is designed to assist data collection from more challenging samples and enhance user understanding of their instrument status at a glance.

The Nicolet iS20 FTIR spectrometer also boasts improved functionally through cloud-based spectroscopy software, allowing anytime data analysis and interface options with external modules.

Matt Gundlach (Thermo Fisher Scientific) commented: “With our newest FTIR spectrometer, busy laboratories facing tight budgets can improve their analytical capabilities while remaining on a familiar and comfortable instrument platform.”

“The Nicolet iS20 spectrometer allows scientists to decrease the time from analysis to result, providing an improved user experience over previous-generation Thermo Scientific instruments,”Gundlach added.