An interview with Teona Roschupkina and Richard Hughes: phosphorylated biomarkers

In this podcast interview, Teona Roschupkina (Principle Scientist-Flow Cytometry, LGC; Fordham, UK) and Richard Hughes (Associate Scientific Director, LGC; Fordham, UK) discuss the role of phosphorylated biomarkers as an indication of drug efficacy during the drug development process.
Questions discussed include:
1. Over the years, what significant improvements have been made to cytometers which improve their robustness? 
2. What sort of challenges have you met with when starting a new flow group in such a regulated environment?  
3. What can phosphoflow be used for? 
4. What can Phosphoflow offer that normal ELISA based technologies to measure pAntigens cannot?
5. What sort of data output can we expect from this type of analysis?
6. What types of assessments do you perform when you validate a phosphoflow assay?


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