Taking an assay from bench to an automated platform: a podcast with Jason Evans

In this podcast interview, Jason Evans (Scientist at Q² Solutions; NY, USA) discusses the importance of automation and key advantages of taking an assay from the bench to an automated platform. He also explains the increase in throughput when his lab transitioned to automated assays and the hurdles he faced when automating assays.

Questions discussed include:

  1. Do you suggest that a lab goes full in on automation or transitions to automation over time?
  2. When do you take an assay from the bench to an automated platform?
  3. How do you monitor pipetting errors such as clogged tips or empty samples?
  4. How much experience do you need with programming to implement automated tools?
  5. What should be captured in an audit trail?
  6. How much did throughput increase when you automated assays?
  7. What are the hurdles that you faced when automating your assays?

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