Quantitation by High Resolution Mass Spectrometry: Case Study of TOF MS for the Quantitation of Allopurinol from Human Plasma (SCIEX)

Authors: Shaokun Pang, Weixing Sun, Adrien Musuku, Xavier J. MisonneSCIEX_LOGO_BioZonesmall


  • Multiple reaction monitoring (MRM) methods has been the most popular tool in bioanalysis for the past two decades.
  • Isobaric interferences present in complex matrices can be a challenge when they elute at or near the retention time of the analyte of interest in MRM chromatograms.
  • The high resolution and mass accuracy on a Time-of-flight (TOF) MS provides better selectivity and can achieve higher signal-to-noise ratios (S/N) by filtering out interferences caused by isobaric compounds in the sample matrix.
  • In addition to the targeted analyte signals, the rich TOF MS data can provide more information on matrix background, metabolites and interferences.
  • This versatility provides users a valuable trouble-shooting tool and enables users to develop better methods

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