Development of multiple hybrid LBA/LC–MS: an interview with Wenying Jian

Wenying JianDr Wenying Jian is currently a Senior Principal Scientist of DMPK, Janssen Research & Development, Johnson & Johnson (NY, USA). She is leading a group to provide LC–MS bioanalytical support to drug discovery and development. Wenying received her BS in Pharmacy from Beijing Medical University (China), MS in Microbiology from Chinese Academy of Sciences (Beijing, China), and PhD in Pharmacology from University of Pennsylvania (PA, USA) under the supervision of Dr Ian Blair. Wenying worked for Bristol-Myers Squibb (NY, USA) and then Johnson & Johnson to support various bioanalytical activities in discovery, preclinical and clinical studies. Wenying has published over 40 peer-reviewed journal papers and book chapters. She co-edited the books Targeted biomarker quantitation by LC–MS (Wiley, 2017) and Sample Preparation in LC–MS Bioanalysis (Wiley, 2019). She currently serves on the editorial board of the Journal of Pharmacological and Toxicological Methods and the board of EAS. She is also a guest lecturer of Kean University (NJ, USA).  

In this Bioanalysis Zone interview, Wenying Jian describes the basic principles of hybrid LBA/LC–MS and how this technique can be used to quantify proteins. Wenying goes on to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of hybrid LBA/LC–MS compared to other methods, before predicting what the field may look like in 5–10 years’ time.

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