Business of bioanalysis: Managing the pipeline of bioanalytical talent and staff

In part 2 of the Business of Bioanalysis panel discussion 2017 our panelists discuss managing the pipeline of bioanalytical talent and staff, including recruiting, training and retaining key analytical experts. Universities are not the singular source generating talent in bioanalysis skill sets. Beyond compensation, continuous education, cross-training, job rotations, and customized recognition models, within the laboratory, are critical to enticing and retaining ‘the best’ in our CRO and pharmaceutical organizations.


Scott Fountain (Charles River Laboratories), Zamas Lam (QPS), Roger Hayes (MPI Research), Yan Zhang (Bristol-Myers Squibb), Ola Saad (Genentech), and Afshin Safavi (BioAgilytix)

Discussions included:

  • As an industry how do we recognise success and highlight important developments?
  • How do we inspire people to want to become bioanalyts?
  • Are there enough women in leading positions in bioanalysis?
  • What the bioanalysis community can do to inspire and reach out to new talent
  • The merits of mentorship
  • How the roles of bioanalysts have evolved, and the opportunities now available to analytical scientists

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