What will be the topic for our final Spotlight of 2016? You decide!

Written by Cameron Low, Future Science Group

We want you to choose the topic of our final Spotlight for 2016, which runs from October to December! Cast your vote now to have your say.

You can select from one of the following subjects:

  • Microscale separations
  • Current and future trends in outsourcing of bioanalytical work
  • Going paperless – electronic systems in bioanalysis
  • Incurred sample reanalysis – a true test of bioanalytical methods
  • Oligonucleotide quantification
  • Are we defaulting too readily to LC-MS assays?

Our Spotlights are a 3 month focus on specific bioanalytical topics/challenges. During Spotlights we have a range of high quality and engaging content, available completely free of charge. Content includes exclusive commentaries and interviews, journal articles from Bioanalysis, a survey and infographic of the key results, webinars and a panel discussion.

We look forward to seeing what topic you select!

Voting closes 15th April.