In this webinar, Alturas Analytics (ID, USA) showcases new methods and how they have improved the selectivity and sensitivity for the analysis of peptides and large molecules from biological fluids by LC–MS/MS.

The case study will demonstrate how in silico peptide selection, immunocapture and microelution solid phase extraction are used in conjunction with microflow LC–MS/MS with an optimal ESI source design to facilitate:

  • Improved selectivity and sensitivity
  • Increased lab productivity of 50%
  • Lowering the limit of quantitation by more than 10X

Who may this interest:

  • CROs, pharma and biotech organizations focused on enhancing selectivity for LC–MS quantitative bioanalysis
  • Mass spectrometrists and bioanalytical scientists engaged in assay development
  • Academics and students interested in the applications of ion mobility spectrometry



Shane Needham PhD
Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer
Alturas Analytics, Inc.

Shane Needham received his BSc degree in Chemistry from Washington State University (WA, USA) and his PhD in Chemistry from the University of Rhode Island (RI, USA).  Needham is Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer of Alturas Analytics, Inc. Needham manages all scientific aspects of the HPLC/MS/MS bioanalytical contract laboratory at Alturas Analytics, Inc.  Currently, Needham’s work is focused on the development and validation of assays for the determination of therapeutic agents and biomarkers from biological matrices. His laboratory has been a leader in the area of dried blood spot (DBS) analysis, microflow HPLC–MS/MS and large molecule (ADC’s, biomarkers, NBE’s, etc.) to support DMPK research.

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