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Spotlight on dried blood spots (DBS)

Publication Date:21/11/2013

Bioanalysis Zone


Bioanalysis Zone carried out a survey to evaluate use of and attitudes to dried blood spot (DBS) analysis among our readership in the bioanalytical community. DBS analysis has generated a huge amount of interest in recent years. We wanted to take a snapshot of the field and determine whether a consensus is emerging on the future of DBS. We asked you for your honest opinions and you delivered! Register or sign in to see the results!

View and download the infographic.

Panel Discussion

Following on from the survey results we will host a live Panel Discussion, bringing together key experts to answer questions from our audience.

On the Panel: Neil Spooner (GSK), Christophe Stove (Ghent University) and Brian Booth (US FDA).

View the Panel Discussion


We have a selection of articles giving a range of viewpoints on the current and future use of DBS.

White Paper: Update of the EBF recommendation for the use of DBS in regulated bioanalysis

Conclusions from the EBF DBS-microsampling consortium.

Interview with Shane Needham : the future of DBS

We spoke to Shane Needham (Alturas Analytics) about the survey results and what he predicts for the future of DBS. 


DBS is sound science but also sound economics

Leif Svensson (Active Biotech)

“DBS is a very promising approach for collecting exposure samples for a clinical study. The main obstacle today seems to be that we do not know if relevant authorities will understand and accept the approach of DBS, even in a fully validated application.”

DBS Sampling:  If We Build It Will The Clinic Come?

Chris Holliman (Pfizer)

“As the Bioanalysis zone survey affirms, the bioanalytical community sees the primary advantages of DBS sampling as a cost savings measure for the clinic.”

Is the future bright for DBS?

Philip Denniff (GSK)Phil Denniff

"I am convinced that microsampling, particularly for small animal and pediatric studies, is here to stay. The advantages in animal welfare are too great to be ignored and this coupled with the resulting improvement in data quality are an added bonus."

What is the future of DBS?

Naidong Weng & Shefali Patel (Janssen Pharmaceutical R&D)

"This survey, quite timely, accurately reflects the current diversified and sometimes confused views of DBS in the bioanalytical community."

  • The webinar on the future of DBS of today was great!

    1 year ago
  • DBS seminar was fantastic, thanks to Neil who gave an insight of all the sampling options. Great inputs from Brian and Christophe as well.

    1 year ago
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