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Biotage® announce a software update to save time and solvent use during flash purification


Recently updated and user-friendly Isolera Spektra software expected to increase productivity and reduce solvent use.

Biotage® (Uppsala, Sweden) have recently released an updated version of their Isolera Spektra flash purification software. It is now capable of processing a combination of data from 10 TLC runs, simultaneously. This will enable chemists to separate and purify up to six component compounds in one sample, or target a specific compound within a sample. This software is expected to simplify procedures and increase productivity by saving time as well as money compared with conventional methods (non-compound specific linear gradients). The potential reduction in costs is expected to range from 20% up to (and possibly exceeding) 60%. The step-gradient optimisation feature is, reportedly, user friendly, meaning that even inexperienced users can use it to obtain estimates regarding the point at which sample components will elute, the percentage of solvent required and the most effective cartridge to use for purification of their sample.

Sunil Rana, Product Manager (Biotage) explains that the system is capable of, “detecting the presence of normally invisible impurities beneath peaks of interest. It has and will continue to positively change the way we think about flash purification.”

Source: TLC-to-Step gradient capability significantly reduces both purification time and solvent use.



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