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Thermo Fisher Scientific aims to please clinicians with their latest sample preparation LC device


The Prelude SPLC system has been developed by Thermo Scientific to enable a more user friendly approach to LC–MS/MS analysis.

Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc., based in San Diego (CA, USA), has announced the release of their latest bioanalytical device, the Prelude SPLC, designed to make the analysis of target compounds more accessible to clinicians and forensic scientists.

The company developed the analytical device following a customer survey, which revealed that many clinical researchers opted not to use LC–MS/MS, on the basis that they lacked the necessary expertise.

The Prelude SPLC is designed to integrate with Thermo Scientific’s MS systems, and to enhance the cost effectiveness of LC–MS/MS instrumentation by automating sample preparation and increasing MS throughput, via the two channel, HPLC separation system. LC–MS/MS performance is further boosted by precise and reproducible low-volume gradient operation, at flow rates of 1––2000 mL/ min, and Thermo Scientific’s TurboFlow™ technology, which is designed to negate sample matrix interference. The device is also equipped with remote instrument monitoring and diagnostics capabilities, to reduce the need for on-site troubleshooting assistance.

“Our intent is to demonstrate how easy it now can be to perform LC–MS/MS bioanalysis on a routine basis,” explained Ken Miller, Vice President of Marketing, Life Science MS at Thermo Fisher. “As the clinical research community increasingly recognizes the benefits of LC–MS/MS, we set a goal to make this technique more accessible than it is with standard HPLC systems. To do this, we designed a front end of the MS workflow emphasizing robustness, affordable cost of ownership and better ease of use.”

Source: Prelude SPLC system.



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