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Automation of forensic DNA profiling at crime scenes


Date: 5 June, 2014

A recent collaboration between a forensic institute and a sample storage company aims to automate DNA profiling of biological crime scene samples.


FLUIDX (Cheshire, UK), a company that specializes in sample storage and tracking, has recently announced in a press release that it will be teaming up with the Netherlands Forensic Institute (The Hague, The Netherlands; NFI) for the automation of DNA profiling at crime scenes. The NFI performs analyses in criminal cases, providing assistance to governments and developing forensic products and services for a range of clients.

The NFI, who implements the majority of DNA casework within The Netherlands, is aiming to achieve complete laboratory automation for DNA profiling of biological crime scene samples. FLUIDX are working alongside the NFI on this project, utilising the FLUIDX 2D-baroded external thread Jacket Tube® technology.

The collaboration hope that automation of the DNA profiling process will lower manual errors and contamination risk, as well as making it possible to run the sample analysis overnight and improving laboratory throughput.

Source: FLUIDX joins The Netherlands Forensic Institute in the automation of the DNA-profiling process of crime scene samples.


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