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DBS sampling in imatinib therapeutic drug monitoring: from method development to clinical application


Background: Imatinib (IM) is widely used in treatment of chronic myeloid leukemia with target trough plasma concentrations above 1000 ng ml-1. DBS can increase access to IM therapeutic drug monitoring. Results: IM was measured in the range 50–4000 ng ml-1 by UHPLC–MS/MS using one 6 mm DBS in a fully validated method. IM was stable at DBS maintained at 40°C for 36 days. Plasma and DBS concentrations were highly correlated (r > 0.96). The use of a IM concentration target of 765 ng ml-1 in DBS identified 93% of patients with plasma concentration below 1000 ng ml-1. Conclusion: IM can be measured in DBS using UHPLC–MS/MS with results comparable to those obtained in blood plasma.

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