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Peptide bioanalysis – solution guide


Analyzing peptides may be one of the greatest challenges that the bioanalysts faces at the beginning of the 21st century. Employing LC-MS for the bioanalysis of peptides requires the extraction of the target analyte from a matrix of biochemically similar proteins and peptides. However, we have seen that the most common techniques employed for small molecule extraction, such as protein precipitation (PPT) and liquid-liquid extraction (LLE), do not provide the recovery, sensitivity, specificity, and assay robustness required.

The LC parameters for peptides are very different than those used for small molecules. In a addition, writing a multiple reaction monitoring (MRM) method presents a unique set of considerations when working with peptides, including the presence of multiple precursors and a range of few too many lower abundance fragments.

Here at Waters, we understand the subtleties within each parameter affecting the development of robust, reliable, high sensitivity bioanalytical assays for peptides. We have developed sample preparation protocols and separation conditions that will help you quickly and effectively develop methods for any peptide. Additionally, we have built our expertise into the software to provide you the tools that will enable you to quickly make the transition from small molecule to peptide bioanalysis.

With Waters® solutions, you can have confidence in your results, from tuning your MS all the way through to validating your assays.

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