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Evaluation of water-soluble DBS for small proteins: a conceptual study using insulin as a model analyte



Aim: Water-soluble sampling materials for DBS have been introduced to solve some of the common challenges of DBS. Methodology: Carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC) as water-soluble material was evaluated for small proteins using insulin as model analyte. 15 µl of whole blood was deposited and dried on a sheet of CMC prior to dissolvation of the whole spot, matrix precipitation with acetonitrile and LC–MS/MS analysis. Results: CMC was shown to promote matrix precipitation resulting in cleaner extracts than precipitation without CMC present. The recovery of insulin from the spot was 68 ± 4%, and the spotted samples were stable for at least 1 week in room temperature. Conclusion: Water-soluble DBS showed promising performance also in analysis of small proteins.

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