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Conference and event highlights: April to June


As spring draws near and WRIB commences, the team at Bioanalysis Zone have turned our attention to the events, conferences, workshops and meetings coming up in the next few months. Scroll through our highlights for the next 3 months below, and don’t forget to check out our full, comprehensive list on the Bioanalysis Zone events pages.

Also, to help us cover as many bioanalytical events as possible, if you are attending a conference or event and would be interested in writing a conference report please contact Lucy Cliff ( for more information.



1–5 April: WRIB
The 13th Workshop on recent issues in bioanalysis: a week of bioanalysis, biomarkers and immunogenicity.
This event will be a forum where regulators and industry convene for working together in the field of bioanalysis, biomarkers, and immunogenicity to improve global health. Register now on the WRIB website to attend this years’ conference, held in New Orleans, USA.

The Bioanalysis Zone and Bioanalysis journal team will also be attending! If you are attending, it would be great to meet you. Email Naamah Maundrell ( to put something in our diaries.

10–12 April: CPSA Shanghai
The 10th Annual Shanghai Symposium on Clinical & Pharmaceutical Solutions through Analysis.
Registration is still open for CPSA Shanghai (China) which aims to provide in-depth reviews of innovative technology and industry practices through open discussion. The program features updated perspectives and experiences on clinical and pharmaceutical analysis.

15–16 April: 12th European Biosimilars Congress
This event will focus on three main areas of biosimilars: current challenges in developing biosimilars, analytical strategies for biosimilars, and biopharmaceutical informatics. Registration is now open to attend this year’s conference, held in Berlin, Germany.


6–9 May: CPSA Analytics
The 4th Annual Analytics Symposium on Clinical & Pharmaceutical Solutions through Analysis.
Each session at CPSA Analytics, hosted in Boston (MA, USA), will address the current industrial landscape and the global need to bring products to market faster for the needs of the patient. More information on this highly interactive event can be found on the CPSA website, where you can register now.

13–17 May: 5th Workshop on Analytical Metabolomics
Taking place in Thessaloniki, Greece, this meeting will feature renown speakers from academia, industry and regulators discussing analytical approaches in biomarker discovery. In addition to the meeting, there will also be three days of practical workshops on experimental design, sample preparation, LC–MS and GC–MS analysis, data mining and statics. More details and registration can be found on the BIOMIC website.

20–22 May: EBF Spring Focus Workshops
This workshop, hosted in Barcelona, Spain, will focus on the harmonization of bioanalytical guidelines in the research community. The aim of the meeting is to discuss the draft ICH M10 guideline, support the draft guideline and provide comments and areas for improvement. Registration and more information can be found on the EBF website.

20–23 May: TIDES: Oligonucleotides and Peptide Therapeutics 
Registration is open and the agenda now available for the largest meeting to accelerate oligonucleotide and peptide products from early discovery to late-stage development and commercialization, held in San Diego (CA, USA). TIDES offers separate tracks covering the latest oligonucleotide and peptide development strategies from discovery, nonclinical, clinical and CMC to late-stage development and commercialization.


2–6 June: ASMS Conference
American Society for Mass Spectrometry 67th Annual Conference
Hosted in Atlanta, USA, this conference will feature outstanding speakers discussing topics such as the advancement of techniques and instrumentation in mass spectrometry, as well as fundamental research in proteomics, forensics, lipidomics and biomarkers in a diverse set of parallel sessions and evening workshops. The conference will conclude with a remarkable closing event scheduled for the Georgia Aquarium on Thursday evening. Closing event tickets, registration and more information can be found on the ASMS website.

The Bioanalysis Zone team will also be attending and would love to meet you! Email Naamah Maundrell ( to put something in our diaries.

10–11 June: 8th World Congress on Mass Spectrometry
This event, held in Edinburgh, UK, provides a unique opportunity to discuss best practices within laboratory research through a variety of viewpoints. Sessions will include fundamentals of mass spectrometry, ionization techniques, mass spectrometry configurations and sample preparation techniques, and chromatography. More details and registration can be found on the Euro Mass Spectrometry website.

23–27 June: DIA 
Founded as the Drug Information Association, DIA provides a stage for collaboration to address healthcare challenges by gathering stakeholders from across the world. The goal of this annual meeting is to build on knowledge in the development of new therapies and accelerate efforts to enhance healthcare and well-being. Register on the DIA website to attend this year’s conference, hosted in San Diego (CA, USA).    


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