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Development of two complementary LC–HRMS methods for analyzing sotatercept in dried blood spots for doping controls


The current routine sampling of blood specimens in sports drug testing faces major challenges ranging from temperature-controlled shipment and storage, limited stability and timely analysis [1] to the need of a phlebotomist for venous blood on-the-spot sampling. To overcome these limitations and increase the number of collected blood samples, the Word Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) pays particular attention to the use of alternative matrices such as dried blood spots (DBS) [2]. This straightforward alternative matrix uses a minimal volume (10–20 μl) of capillary blood collected by a finger, heel or ear prick on a cellulose paper and allows high-throughput and automation of sample processing and analysis [3–5]. Its almost 100-year history and wide range of applications is summarized elsewhere [6]. DBS cards stabilize many analytes, hence are suitable for establishing biobanks, which ensure very long storage times

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