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Spotlight survey on HRMS in DMPK


For the next few months we will focus on the use of HRMS in DMPK. The aim of DMPK is to enable scientists to learn the safety and efficiency of new molecular entities. HRMS is an important analytical tool used to study DMPK that continues to gain traction when quantifying small molecules as well as large molecules.

In this spotlight we will explore the advantages of HRMS and the remaing hurdles, considerations of HRMS compared to SRM assays, different software platforms available the use HRMS to study DMPK and the future outlook on the use of HRMS for metabolite detection.

To kick start this special focus, we want to hear your thoughts on the topic – click here to complete our short survey on the use of HRMS in DMPK and be the first to receive our informative infographic collated from the survey results.



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