HRMS in DMPK: an interview with Szabolcs Szarka

In this podcast, Szabolcs Szarka (Senior Scientist at LGC; Cambridgeshire, UK) discusses his use of HRMS and the benefits and challenges he has encountered in the field of pharmaceutical R&D and drug discovery. He also closes by offering his opinion on what he hopes the future may hold.


1 Could you introduce yourself and the team? [Time – 00:30]

2 What service do you provide at LGC and how do you currently use HRMS? [Time – 01:04]

3 What is the biggest challenge the industry currently faces with the use of HRMS? [Time – 02:09]

4 What are the benefits of HRMS to the industry? [Time – 03:10]

5 What future possibilities do you hope HRMS will bring to this field? [Time – 04:25]

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