Application of DMS in boosting sensitivity for protein digest LC–MS/MS workflow


  • Low sensitivity methods in protein LC–MS bioanalysis commonly utilise a ‘bottom-up’
    approach. However, lack of selectivity can limit the sensitivity achievable
  • Often specific protein level clean-up is not an option, due to cost, time or unavailability of
    suitable reagents, leading to a complex mixture of peptides generated for analysis
  • With only 20 naturally occurring amino acid building blocks, isobaric interference within
    specific monitored SRM transitions is inevitable
  • Instrumental techniques offer a useful means of adding selectivity, such as high resolution
    mass spectrometry, multi-dimensional chromatography or ion mobility
  • Differential Ion Mobility (DMS) is one such subset, offering fast separations through a user
    removable short planar mobility cell situated in in the ion source region
  • LLOQ samples from two validated protein digest assays

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