Bioanalysis of large molecules using chromatography – workshop

“Very well organised, fun and educational. Also good for networking.”
“Encourages scientists to share and discuss problems.”
“The workshop gave me confidence – I realised I knew more than I gave myself credit for.”

These are a few examples of the feedback we received following the Reid workshop held in September 2016. The Reid Bioanalytical Forum was established in 1975 and has since held an international symposium every two years. In addition, 2016 saw the first Reid one-day workshop, a dedicated training event aimed primarily at early-career scientists, run in conjunction with the South East Region Analytical Division (SERAD) of the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC). The Reid Forum has an ethos of encouraging young practitioners to learn from the wealth of experience brought by our members, and as such, these workshops are a great means of supporting the continued professional development of our future bioanalytical scientists.

The 2016 workshop focused on developing troubleshooting skills in bioanalysis and through real life case studies explored how to approach problem solving in this context. Following its success, we are hosting the second workshop this year, to be held on Thursday 27 September at Burlington House in London. The theme for the 2018 workshop is ‘Challenges Associated with Large Molecules using Chromatography’. The event is a fantastic opportunity for new or early-career scientists, or those wishing to expand their skills base, to learn from experts from industry and academia. A variety of talks, case studies and group activities will provide an informative and interactive day which encourages peers to learn from one another as well as the experts, sharing some of the common challenges faced in bioanalysis. The informal and welcoming atmosphere is the ideal environment for attendees to gain experience of presenting to a small audience, participate in group discussions and to continue building a network of early-career scientists.

Attendees will receive talks from Steve Williams (Charles River Laboratories) and Mohammed Abrar (BioApp Solutions), with involvement from additional experts including Adam Hughes (GSK), Szabolcs Szarka (LGC) and Elizabeth Want (Imperial College London).

Participants are encouraged to submit a case study – a bioanalytical challenge which may or may not be resolved – that will be presented and discussed in working groups. Student and industrial bursaries are available through the Chromatographic Society to support attendance at this event.

For more details please visit our event page or contact Nicola Gray ([email protected]) or for registration please click here.